One of the editing law firms of CapLaw has gained first experience in the Swiss legal market with the legal tech software Legatics which was deployed in a complex acquisition financing involving multiple investors and borrowers. Legatics is an intelligent deal platform that allows to automatically generate conditions precedent (CP) checklists mirroring the required CPs or other deliverables under loan documents, SPAs or underwriting agreements and permits parties involved in a deal to upload documents besides specific CP-line items and to leave comments and update status with respect to such line items.

Furthermore, it keeps all involved parties updated in real time on the current status of the deal as well as the current action requirements for each party. At the end of the deal, it automatically generates transaction bibles. Legatics has been deployed in large financing transactions in other jurisdictions and based on first experience in Switzerland also proves to provide a more efficient and transparent method of managing legal processes in Swiss lead financing transactions where numerous parties in several jurisdictions are involved. It reduces the administrative work load, the amount of email correspondence and the need for update/status calls and it can be expected that this legal tech solution will enhance law firms’ client services.