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No Tailoring of Opting Out Clauses – Takeover Board rejects Schindler’s Proposed Changes to its Articles of Association

In its recent decision 610/01 in the matter of Schindler Holding Ltd (published on 21 July 2015), the Swiss Takeover Board held that Swiss takeover law does not allow companies to provide for individual rules on the obligation to make a takeover offer that go beyond the options set forth in the law. Accordingly, in the eyes of the TOB, a new provision in the articles of association of Schindler which indirectly provides for an obligation to make a takeover offer for anyone who acquires more than 50% of the voting rights in Schindler, combined with Schindler’s existing opting out clause, would not have any legal effect.

By Pascal Hubli / Nadin Schwibs (Reference: CapLaw-2015-44)

How to Buy a Big Block of Shares in an Ongoing Buyback Program?

In a recent decision in the matter of Schindler Holding Ltd (published on 18 October 2013), the Swiss Takeover Board approved the repurchase by Schindler of a significant block of own shares from a single shareholder during its ongoing buyback program requiring Schindler to change its buyback program at market price into a ten-day buyback offer at fixed price addressed to all the holders of shares and participation certificates. The ongoing buyback program at market price had to be suspended for the duration of the fixed-price offer and was resumed thereafter.

By Lorenzo Olgiati/Pascal Hubli (Reference: CapLaw-2014-7)