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Electronic Means of Communication in Future Takeover Proceedings – Thoughts on the New Rules Proposed by the TOB on 18 August 2015

In August/September 2015, the Swiss Takeover Board (TOB) conducted a consultation proceeding on a proposed revision of the Takeover Ordinance (TOO). At its core, the revision aims at abolishing the duty to publish the offer documents in newspapers. The authors support the proposed revision for efficiency reasons. For policy reasons, the authors further advocate the issuance of an official list of media-addressees (including email-addresses) by the TOB and a change of the current practice of the TOB according to which the offeror bears all the risks in case of (partial) failure of the electronic publication. Rather, the offeror shall be responsible only for publishing the offer documents on its website and for delivering them to the media-addressees as per the list of media-addressees and to the TOB.

By Severin Roelli / Christian Leuenberger (Reference: CapLaw-2015-45)